AEEMS provides water based sprinkler systems for properties throughout the Middle East. Wet sprinkler systems are essential in buildings as they will help prevent the spread of fires while saving lives and properties. Our sprinklers are equipped with the latest technology and will respond quickly in the event of a fire.


AEEMS supplies the best selection of gas-based extinguishing systems as part of our fire fighting solutions for companies in the Middle East. We provide Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems, CO2 Systems and our own Gas System. Our suppression systems are known for their reliability and efficiency.


AEEMS manufacture and supply Foam-Based Extinguishing Systems to meet the requirements of our customers in the fire fighting industry. Our systems have been certified by FM and UL and will provide excellent protection. We provide mobile foam concentrates, proportioning devices, discharge devices, and mobile foam equipment.

Powder-based Extinguishing System

The AEEMS Fire Suppression System is a pre-engineered, cartridge-operated dry chemical system with either a fixed nozzle distribution network or with hand hose line system. The system is capable of automatic detection and when a fire is detected, the system is actuated either manually or automatically, operating the Cartridge cylinder valve. This operation pressurizes and fluidizes the dry chemical extinguishing agent in the tank, ruptures the burst disc when the required pressure is reached, and propels the dry chemical through network of distribution hose line system (manually operated) or through fixed nozzles and into the protected areas, suppressing the fire.


AEEMS offers Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems for kitchens of all sizes in the Middle East. Kitchens are high-risk environments where fires could have a drastic impact on lives and business. NAFFCO’s suppression systems will be tailored to your kitchen and are suitable for industrial distribution.