AEEMS supplies UL certified fire pumps that comply with the highest international standards. Fire pumps are a crucial part of a fire sprinkler system and will form an important part of your building’s fire protection system. We are the largest provider of certified fire pumps in the Middle East.


At AEEMS,we will custom design fire pumps to meet the requirements of your building. Every building has its own unique fire protection needs and we will tailor every product to your needs. We are the market leader in Dubai and the Middle East for our fire fighting solutions.

Industrial Packaged Fire Pump Sets

AEEMS package fire pump system consists of pumps, driver, controllers and accessories mounted on a common base frame. High quality UL / FM certified components are used in these systems complying with the requirements of NFPA 20. All necessary wiring between controllers and drivers are done at factory prior to shipment. The automatic air release valve, casing relief valve, suction gauge & discharge gauge are mounted on fire pumps and other accessories are mounted on pre-constructed interconnecting piping as required by NFPA 20. Pressure sensing lines are pre-installed on Electric, Diesel, and Jockey Controllers as per NFPA 20 requirements.

Pump House Fire Pump Units

AEEMS Pump House Fire Pump Units are designed as per customers’ specification and NFPA 20 requirements. Complete fire pump set assembly is fixed inside a pump house enclosure with all fire pump related standard accessories, valves and fittings and pump testing instruments. In addition to these fire pump set components the pump house also includes lighting and necessary fire protection equipment for the pump house such as a standalone heat detector and fire extinguishers. All internal wiring and piping is done at factory and external connectors are provided on the outer surface of the enclosure that enables easy piping and power connection at field.